Caroline-FlackFull name: Caroline Louise Flack
DOB: November 9, 1979
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Television presenter

Caroline Flack Facts

Caroline got her break playing Michael Jackson’s lover Bubbles on Bo’ Selecta.

Caroline was rumoured to be romantically linked to Prince Harry, but she assures us that they’re “just friends”.

Before TV stardom, Flack worked in an abattoir: “Sometimes I can still smell the meat on my fingers.”

Why We Love Caroline Flack

Caroline is one of television’s covert, undercover bad-asses: while she’s never looked less than 100% professional (and 450% fit) while presenting on I’m A Celebrity…, Something For The Weekend, Gladiators or The Xtra Factor, she freely admits that, on more than one occasion, she’s turned up for work very much the worse for wear after an evening on the sherry at notorious Camden booze-pit the Hawley Arms. Not only that, she’s also claimed that she could take both Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung in a drinking contest. Our kinda laydee.

Miss Flack managed to provoke the rage of both The Daily Mail and a legion of pre-pubescent pop-fans when it emerged that she’d been dating singing hairdo Harry Styles from One Direction – at the time, he was 15 years her junior. In fact, he’s still 15 years her junior, because that’s just the way time works.