pixie-lottFull name: Victoria Louise Lott
DOB: 12 January 1991
Place of birth: Bromley, London, England
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Pixie Lott Facts

Her mum named her Pixie because she was a “tiny, cute baby who looked like a fairy”.

Pixie got all As in her GCSEs, the massive swot.

She graced the cover of FHM’s October 2009 edition.

Why We Love Pixie Lott

For the past 15 years, Britain has been looking for its answer to Britney Spears, but every candidate has turned out to be flawed in some way: Joss Stone mutated into an American; Natasha Bedingfield did a duet with her creepy brother; and Charlotte Church got bored of the whole thing before she’d even started. But a potential solution arrived in the slinky form of smoky-eyed Essex gal Pixie Lott. The numbers speak for themselves: Pixie’s debut single, Mama Do, shifted a quarter of a million copies and entered the charts at number one: Billie Piper is the only other solo UK female artist to ever debut at pole position without first having been moulded on reality TV. Her debut album, Turn It Up, has been certified double platinum. That’s like, twice the standard amount of platinum.

With an equally successful second album under her belt, Pixie is working hard to give Blighty its very own Britney. Now if she could just take things to the next level by marrying a bozo wannabe rapper and then shaving her head, we could really be in business…