carmen-electraFull name: Tara Leigh Patrick
DOB: April 20, 1972
Place of birth: Sharonville, Ohio, USA
Occupation: Glamour model, Actress

Carmen Electra Facts

Carmen landed her two-year stretch on Saturday afternoon’s favourite soft porn hour, Baywatch, after posing for Playboy in 1996.

She was persuaded to change her real name by… Prince. Weird, we know.

She was married to Dennis Rodman for 6 months in 1998/99.

If you like mixing working out with uncomfortable erections, try Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease. It has five DVDs. Five.

Why We Love Carmen Electra

A woman who can make a luminous orange one-piece ludicrously attractive is a woman worth knowing. Carmen Electra is one of these women. After slowly juddering into most men’s sub-conscious during the nineties, Electra has made a sterling effort to please mankind with an effective combination of boobs, bum and a big smile. Grateful and aroused, mankind responded by letting her run riot in almost every half-decent movie to grace your local Esso’s bargain bin: Epic Movie, Starsky and Hutch, Disaster Movie, and many, many others.

When she’s not baring her all-too eye-catching cleavage on the big screen, she occasionally graces FHM’s hallowed pages – and when she’s not doing that, she likes to work out and have “dirty sex”. Though not necessarily at the same time.