gemma-atkinsonFull name: Gemma Louise Atkinson
DOB: November 15, 1984
Place of birth: Bury, Greater Manchester, England
Occupation: Actress and model

Gemma Atkinson Facts

Gemma rose to fame as calamity-magnet Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks, clocking up 631 episodes in all.

She’s dated both Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcus Bent.

She has a lucrative sideline voicing Lt. Eva Mckenna in the Command and Conquer games.

Why We Love Gemma Atkinson

If you are a heterosexual British male who has not, at some point, harboured a deep and abiding crush on husky-voiced voluptu-goddess Gemma Atkinson, then you can consider yourself part of a very small, very strange minority. Since leaving Hollyoaks behind and moving on to the likes of Casualty, The Bill, Waterloo Road and I’m A Celebrity, Gemma has been a tabloid and men’s-magazine fixture, clocking up more gossipy column inches and eye-popping paparazzi shots than a jacuzzi full of Kardashians.

For some of us, of course, Gemma will forever be Lisa Hunter, who always managed to look 250% hot no matter what life through at her – which included relentless bullying, numerous doomed affairs, an itchy STD, a bout of self-harming and an actual kidnapping. Even for a soap character, Lisa had it rough…