Holly-WilloughbyFull name: Holly Marie Willoughby
DOB: February 10, 1981
Place of birth: Brighton, Sussex, England
Occupation: Television presenter

Holly Willoughby Facts

Holly is an acclaimed children’s TV presenter, and actually earned a BAFTA for it in 2006.

She’s BFFs 4-evz with fellow early-morning fitty Fearne Cotton.

She graced FHM’s cover back in November 2008, looking hotter than the surface of The Sun.

Why We Love Holly Willoughby

Lingerie model to children’s entertainer to national sex icon: it’s not your average career path, but it’s been Holly Willoughby’s career path. Early doors, Holly Willoughby was modelling for teen magazines, before moving on to underwear. Spells on CITV and CBBC shows followed, before her big break came with a presenting job on CD:UK, the fabled early-noughties Saturday morning TV show for kids that also made a lot of sense if you were a massively hungover adult.

From there, Holly graduated to proper grown-up telly with stints on Xtra Factor, Celebrity Juice, This Morning and Dancing On Ice, all of which were rendered roughly 300 percent sexier by her presence – particularly that episode of where she wore that dress and drew hundreds of complaints from uptight Daily Mail readers who don’t enjoy fun sexy times.