jennifer-metcalfeFull name: Jennifer Joanne Metcalfe
DOB: September 4, 1983
Place of birth: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Actress

Jennifer Metcalfe Facts

Jennifer is best known for playing foxy troublemaker Mercedes McQueen in Hollyoaks.

Before she began her career in acting, the Bradford lass was pursuing a degree in health and fitness.

Jen has been romantically linked to boxer Amir Kahn, footballer Jermaine Pennant and Big Brother bozo Ziggy.

Why We Love Jennifer Metcalfe

Let’s be honest now: the best thing about Hollyoaks isn’t the nuanced, multi-layered moral conundrums that the characters often find themselves embroiled in; it’s all the fit women. Looking at the concentration of comely ladies on display, the writers would clearly have us believe that this particular fictional corner of Chester is some kind of spiritual mecca for pneumatic, sociopathic hotties with a passion for tight-fitting T-shirts.

And the undisputed queen of Hollyoaks stable of super-fitties is Jennifer Metcalfe, whose character Mercedes McQueen is a “feisty” (read: “absolutely terrifying but undeniably hot”) girl who’s had her fair share of marriages, infidelities, catfights and mesmerising bikini car-wash scenes.

For her contributions to the Hollyoaks mythos, Jen has been honoured with Sexiest Female gongs at the British Soap Awards and the Inside Soap Awards, and has developed an extremely keen and loyal following (just check out how many Facebook groups she has). But despite her good looks, Jen isn’t too fussy when it comes to boyfriends – she likes them “big, hairy, raw and smelly”. If you’re an overweight tramp with anger issues, you may just have hit the jackpot.