Jessica-TanFull name: Jessica Tan
DOB: April 22, 1983
Place of birth: Singapore
Occupation: Model

Jessica Tan Facts

Miss Singapore Universe 2007.

Her ambition is to start an Adopt-A-Tree programme for school children.

She loves a bit of yoga. It makes her feel “super-fresh”.

She used to be an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines, fulfilling a childhood dream.

Why We Love Jessica Tan

Your photos on the Miss Universe website were very FHM. Did you browse our mag for some tips?
I thought they were more high fashion and dramatic. Some of the girls did look a bit FHM though. And no, I didn’t have time to browse FHM. I was in such a rush. When I landed in Mexico, they started the photo shoot immediately and moved us from one shoot to the next.

Did you expect to pose for FHM?
I like to try everything once in my life. When your editor approached me, I was apprehensive, as I wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but he promised it would be tasteful.

You walked away with the Miss Body Beautiful award at the Singapore finals. Which part of your body are you most proud of?
Actually, it’s not my body but my smile. And I was honestly very shocked when I won that title.

When will a Miss Singapore ever become Miss Universe?
When we decide to invest money in grooming a winner. It’s not only about physical beauty; it’s about proper grooming, and getting the right support and sponsorship from our countrymen and also the government.

Can you be more specific?
When I represented Singapore, I had to prepare gifts for each of the contestants. Most of the other girls had gifts packed nicely for them by their country’s reps, while I had to source for my own. Miss Japan had a national director that groomed her from the day she won the Miss Japan title — she had eight months of coaching before she went to Mexico… All her clothes were also branded. She was even given a portfolio by her national director on what to wear each day (like a tear-out page for a Barbie doll), so that she’d look good on and off camera. For me, I had to bring my own clothes, and plan what to wear on my own. I had to do everything myself.

How “real” were the contestants? Did any of their noses melt under the hot Mexican sun?
Not all of the girls there are “real”. I can honestly say most of them have had some kind of surgery to alter their looks, including some of the top five contestants – and they were all sponsored by their respective countries! [Laughs] I’m not pro-plastic but it does make a girl more confident. If she’s already pretty but there are some parts than can be enhanced to make her look even better, why not? Besides, there’s no official ruling that states a girl cannot have plastic surgery.

Were there any nasty b*****s among the contestants?
There were 77 girls and, obviously, there were both nice and nasty ones. Some were very competitive, too.

Any dirt on the global pageant?
I heard some of the contestants were sleeping with the backstage crew…