Laura-HaddockFull name: Laura Jane Haddock
DOB: June 12, 1985
Place of birth: Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Occupation: Actress

Laura Haddock Facts

Laura Haddock starred in The Inbetweeners Movie as Will’s love interest Alison.

She starred in BB3’s How Not To Live Your Life as sexy student Samantha Parker, and popped up briefly in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Her unusual surname earned her the nickname “Fishface” at school. She must’ve felt very out of plaice eh? Eh? Plaice? Eh?

Why We Love Laura Haddock

As keen-eyed, longtime FHM readers will recall, we first came into contact with Miss Haddock way back in April 2008, when we shot her reclining in nought but her bra and undercrackers. Back then, Laura had already drummed up a loyal (and possibly slightly weird) fanbase thanks to her role as aspiring model Kacie on ITV1’s Honest. Why “weird”? Well, it seems that when you type Laura’s name into Google, her feet are one of the top search results. We certainly weren’t searching for pics of her feet, so it must have been you. We can’t remember all that much about Honest, aside from the fact that there quite were a few saucy sexy-time scenes, which Laura desperately tried to hide from her parents. “I had to blindfold them while it was on,” she says. Awks.

More recently, she’s brought her lush-lipped radiance to The Inbetweeners Movie, horror flick Storage 24 and Captain America: The First Avenger – although, if you blinked (or were wearing a blindfold) you may have missed her in the latter.