lucy-mecklenburghFull name: Lucy Mecklenburgh
DOB: 24 August 1992
Place of birth: Essex, England
Occupation: Boutique owner, fashion label director and reality TV star

Lucy Mecklenburgh Facts

Lucy Mecklenburgh shot to fame as the hard-to-pronounce hot one in The Only Way Is Essex.

She’s had a chequered relationship history on TOWIE, having dated love-rat Mark Wright, love-rat Mario Falcone and wannabe love-rat Kirk Norcross. She did manage to avoid the advances of Joey Essex, though.

Lucy runs her own boutique, called Love Lucy.

Why We Love Lucy Mecklenburgh

The hard-to-pronounce/hard-to-ignore Lucy Mecklenburgh was an early favourite of ours on ersatz-reality trifle-fest TOWIE. She’s pretty, so that helped, but she also seems like the most genuine one of the bunch. She reminds us of the kind of girl you get in those American teen rom-coms, the nice girl who gets picked on by the mean girls because deep down they know she’s got the nicest hair.

Like all good ‘normals-turned-famous’, Lucy likes to interact with her fans on Twitter (follow her at @lucy_meck). With over one million followers to her name, she’s got a great platform to showcase her mucky, self-aware sense of humour. Sample tweet: “Keep getting loads of tweets asking where I got my boobs done etc .. They’re real!!!!! Good bra 😉 x”