mel-clarkeFull name: Mellisa Clarke
DOB: 1991
Place of birth: Northfleet, England
Occupation: Model

Mellisa Clarke Facts

Mel is a glamour model who’s appeared in more magazines than you’ve got fingers.

She joined sexy posho Millie Mackintosh for a shoot in the March 2012 issue of FHM.

She’s slightly obsessed with Chicken McNuggets, so if you’re looking to impress her, a full box of 20 is probably the way to go.

Why We Love Mellisa Clarke

“I dont think I’m the typical ‘glamour’ model,” says Mellisa Clarke, and we’d have to agree. Elfin, tattooed, cool-haired and part edgy, part adorable, Mel is part of a new wave of models who look less like they’ve just stepped out of a salon, and more like they’ve just leapt out of a moshpit (except without all the sweatiness and cider-stains and nosebleeds that normally entails).

Not that Clarke’s leftfield looks have prevented her from making a mainstream splash: she’s shot for Vogue, graced the pages of FHM several times (and will doubtless do so again), and even managed to win the Sun’s Page 3 Idol 2013 competition. She’s a game-changer, alright – take a look at the future shape of sexy…