miley-cyrusFull name: Miley Ray Cyrus
DOB: November 23, 1992
Place of birth: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Occupation: Singer and actress

Miley Cyrus Facts

She was born Destiny Hope, but adopted her nickname Miley and took her grandad’s middle name Ray after his death.

She’s had three top ten albums in the UK; two of them went to number one in America.

She was given a Bob Marley-shaped cake on her 19th birthday, and later commented that, “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fuckin’ weed.”

Why We Love Miley Cyrus

Miley’s been around for a long time, made a lot of cash, and caused a whole shit-load of controversy for someone who only turned 18 in 2010. She first found fame in squeaky-clean Disney sitcom , in which she played both pop-star Hannah and her secret identity, schoolgirl Miley Stewart (“Miley” being a play on “Smiley”, Cyrus’ nickname as a kid).

Eventually rebelling against the whiter-than-white image that Disney execs had tried to paint her with, Miley did what all good ex-child stars do and set the internet ablaze with leaked underwear pics, outrageous quotes, shocking videos and paparazzi shots of ginormous spliffs being smoked. All of which, of course, made her seem instantly bad-ass and super-desirable. She seems to have calmed down a bit now – thereby swerving away from entering Lindsay Lohan territory – but she’s still vowing to take her career in an altogether more raunchy and adult direction. Bring. It. On.