millie-mackintoshFull name: Camilla ‘Millie’ Mackintosh
Place of birth: London
Occupation: Make-up artist and reality TV star

Millie Mackintosh Facts

Shortly before finding fame on Made In Chelsea, Millie went backpacking round Australia and South East Asia with fellow cast member Caggie Dunlop.

She’s been to five different boarding schools.

She has three tattoos, souvenirs from her ‘bad girl’ period.

Why We Love Millie Mackintosh

Okay, we’ll admit it – we like Made In Chelsea. We’re not too keen on the some of the long-haired guys (long hair is for baddies in ’80s action films), and the constant reminder that there are people far richer than you can be a little depressing as you sit there, in your pizza-box strewn flat, hungover to buggery, on a Sunday morning, watching Jonty Smythe-Pedigree IV swan off to Cannes for the sixth time in a year. But! Millie Mackintosh. Millie Mackintosh makes it all alright.

In these lean economic times, posh tottie Millie provides a little much-needed escapism: she quaffs cocktails, she attends premieres, she clutches three-grand handbags on private jets. Plus, she’s the long-term ladyfriend of street-level rap urchin Professor Green, which means she’s clearly down with the whole ‘bit of rough’ concept. Which is just, like, sooooo, y’know, totes amaze, yah?