nicole-nealFull name: Nicole Neal
DOB: 1992
Place of birth: Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Occupation: Model

Nicole Neal Facts

Nicole is the model who sent FHM readers into collective meltdown with her debut shoot in our September 2012 issue.

She’s a former fine-art student.

She’s a wizard at Angry Birds, although “it really hurts my wrists after a bit”.

Why We Love Nicole Neal

For whatever reason, recent years have seen the world of modelling dominated mostly by brunettes. But now the likes of Kate Upton and Blighty’s very own Nicole Neal are launching a flaxen-haired fightback. “Britain is suffering from a lack of hot blondes right now,” says Nicole. “If you look around, it’s mostly brunettes there are a few redheads, but hardly any blondes. I think that’s worked in my favour – it’s got me noticed, and it’s got me a shoot in FHM!”

If you’ve been lucky enough to see one of Nicole’s shoots, you’ll know that they often involve a certain amount of… bendiness. “I’ve danced all my life, so I’m pretty bendy,” she admits. “Photographers tend to pick up on that and put me into some funny poses…”