pippa-middletonFull name: Philippa Charlotte Middleton
DOB: September 6, 1983
Place of birth: Reading, Berkshire, England
Occupation: Party planner

Pippa Middleton Facts

Pippa runs an online magazine called The Party Times set up to promote the products sold by her parents’ company, Party Pieces.

Penguin Books paid Pippa a whopping £400,000 advance to write her party-planning book, Celebrate.

A total outdoorsy type, Pippa has negotiated the Cresta Run, a death-defying 1,212 metre-long ice-skeleton racing track.

Why We Love Pippa Middleton

Having your older sister marry into royalty would doom the average girl into forever living in the globally famous shadow of her sibling but not Pippa Middleton. The super-glossy, ultra-outdoorsy brunette became the surprise star of Will ‘n’ Kate’s royal wedding, instantly thrusting herself into the consciousness of every heterosexual male (and homosexual female) in the country using nothing more than a silky white dress and some world-class bumcheeks. Within seconds of commencing her slow walk up the aisle, Pippa was the top trending subject on Twitter.

She’s been described by fancy-pants, snooty-tooty magazine Tatler as “Britain’s number-one society singleton”. If you’ve ever wanted to marry into money, royal connections and some of the best buttock genes on the planet, then Pippa’s deffo your best bet.