rachael-rayFull name: Rachael Domenica Ray
DOB: August 25, 1968
Place of birth: Glens Falls, New York, USA
Occupation: Celebrity Chef

Rachael Ray Facts

Rachael occasionally appears to be speaking another language. “EVOO”, “yum-o”, “so delish”, “entréetizer”, “stoup” are all “words”. Translate them at your peril.

She appeared on FHM’s pages back in 2003, in a much celebrated kitchen shoot.

Such is her culinary sway in the US, she’s even made Time’s 100 most influential list.

Why We Love Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is the queen of cooking in America. The Oprah, if you like. She’s so gobsmackingly powerful that if she told her viewers to kick themselves in the head, they probably would – and continue baking at the same time.

Unlike the UK, it seems that stateside hot TV chefs are actually encouraged. Sure, there’s Nigella Lawson, but she’s nowhere near as perky as this one. This girl’s a livewire – and in a good way. Besides, Ray’s had celebrities on her show that the likes of Nigella could only dream of: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hulk Hogan… now that’s a TV show. Ex-professional wrestlers and presidents making cakes. Suck on that, Worrall Thompson.