rachel-rileyFull name: Rachel Annabelle Riley
DOB: January 11, 1986
Place of birth: Paddington, London, England
Occupation: Countdown presenter

Rachel Riley Facts

Rachel was born in 1986; that’s four years after her predecessor Carol Vorderman began working on Countdown.

She went to Oxford University, where she studied maths. Hardcore.

In 2009 she was recruited by the Post Office to help holidaymakers get the most out of their foreign currency.

Why We Love Rachel Riley

After 26 years of giving us one from the top, three from the bottom and two from anywhere else, maths minx Carol Vorderman retired from Countdown in 2008, leaving behind shoes that many of us felt were far too big for anyone else to ever fill. (Not literally, you understand. We’re not saying that Carol Vorderman’s got freakishly massive feet. It’s a metaphor.) But then came Essex-raised, Oxford-educated, heaven-sent Rachel Riley, whose arrival meant that the show could go on in every bit as sexy a manner as it had done before.

Not that Rachel was warmly received by every Countdown fan she initially received her fair share of negative feedback from diehard Vorderman fans. “That really hurt,” admits Riley. We’ve got a Countdown conundrum for those people: “UPYOUSR.”