Rachel-StevensFull name: Rachel Lauren Stevens
DOB: April 9, 1978
Place of birth: Southgate, London, England
Occupation: Singer, actress and model

Rachel Stevens Facts

Before joining tween-pop band S Club 7, Rachel completed a diploma in Business Fashion from the London School of Fashion.

She’s starred in two films: Brit flick Suzie Gold and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, in which she played “Louisa the Dirty Girl”. .

She came second in the 2008 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Why We Love Rachel Stevens

In the eyes of FHM readers, few ladies are held in higher esteem than Rachel Lauren Stevens. She first graced our cover of back in May 2000 (in an issue that boasted members of S Club 7, B*Witched and Steps in an under-dressed state) and has since enjoyed top-three status in FHM’S 100 Sexiest poll no fewer than four times.

Cumulatively and statistically speaking, in fact, only four women on God’s green Earth have been voted sexier (Anna Kournikova, Holly Valance, Britney Spears and Halle Berry, since you asked). Sadly, Rachel seems to have stepped back from the spotlight somewhat these days – perhaps she’s still licking her wounds after being beaten into second place by Tom Chambers on the 2008 series of Strictly Come Dancing. We don’t even know who Tom Chambers is, but regardless: curse you, Tom Chambers!