sam-faiersFull name: Samantha Faiers
DOB: December 30, 1990
Place of birth: Hornchurch, Essex, England
Occupation: Model, Fashion Boutique owner

Sam Faiers Facts

Shot to fame as one of the stars of reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, memorably getting her lady bit vajazzled.

In her younger years, Sam trained alongside Great Britain gymnastics – and has admitted its left her “quite supple.” Mmmm, bendy.

Almost became a Page 3 girl for The Sun before she found fame on the telebox – but still admits she’d love to model for Ann Summers. We’d love that, too, Sam.

why We Love Sam Faiers

Sam burst onto our screens in the first series of The Only Way Is Essex – complete with utterings of “shut upppp” and “jel” (because jealous is far too long a word to say regularly, obviously). But it was us left saying, “Oh my god!” when Sam checked in to her friend and co-star Amy Childs’ beauty parlour – and revealed that star tattoo whilst getting a now-infamous vajazzle.

Confident Sam has done the glamour model circuit in the past, but claims she’s now giving up the shedding her underkecks on camera – saying she wants to become a better role model to her younger fans. So, instead, she’s opened up a fancy fashion boutique in the heart of Essex with her sister Billie. Glamour model, to reality TV star, to fashion boutique owner. A natural career progression these days, obviously.

Sam says she’s been unlucky in love, as all her previous serious boyfriends have ended up cheating on her. No, we’re not quite sure of the reason either. The first series of TOWIE saw her caught up in a love quadruple between Lauren Goodger, Lucy Mecklenburgh, and the show’s resident “propa Essex geezer” Mark Wright. We’re not sure if it was a move made out of desperation or outright insanity, but Sam soon moved on to the show’s empty-headed wannabe ladies’ man, Joey Essex (yes, that’s his real name). We’re just clinging on to the hope that it’s just for the cameras – otherwise that’s the only bad decision that Sam’s made thus far. The moral of the story? Joey Essex has stupid hair. We think that’s the moral, anyway. Even if it isn’t, it’s still true.