ShakiraFull name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
DOB: February 2nd, 1977
Place of birth: Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia
Occupation: Singer-songwriter, Dancer

Shakira Facts

Rocketed to fame in 2000 with pan-piping pop anthem Whenever, Wherever.

Grew up belly dancing and listening to The Police, Led Zep and AC/DC, whose Back In Black she often performs live.

Once donated $40m to charity and has her own foundation for poor kids.

From the same city as Sofia Vergara

Why We Love Shakira

It’s easy to dismiss the hip-shaking Colombian as a bit deranged simply because we don’t speak uhm, South American, but she’s actually got an IQ of 140 (that’s touching on genius level), Shakira writes all her own stuff and her head is screwed on just right.

A self-described philanthropist with a big interest in children’s charities, the tousle-haired honey has not only mastered English, but Shakira also knows Portuguese, Italian and a smattering of Arabic, too. Oh, and she’s sold 60 million albums.

That said, we just can’t seem to stop sniggering about the fantastically shit 25ft metal statue of Shakira that has been erected in her hometown, or the fact that she’s had albums out called Laundry Service and Oral Fixation. Chortle…

But despite the fact we’re laughing right in Shakira’s beautiful face, it’s very likely that it’s just smile water off a sexy ducks back, because she is just so happy. After a 107 date world tour, and having the honour of writing the theme song for the South African world cup Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) Shakira is back in the studio, writing songs, recording new material, chatting with her band, having lunch, jamming. Y’know, studio stuff.

She’s also the one person in the world that actual Alan Partridge follows on Twitter. Lucky woman.