sophie-howardFull name: Sophie Amanda Howard
DOB: February 24, 1983
Place of birth: Southport, England
Occupation: Glamour model

Sophie Howard Facts

Made her name in the glamour scene by photographing herself in a PVC cat suit.

Once studied English language and creative writing at university.

Has come top of a Most Beautiful Breasts poll in Loaded.

Has a condition called Lupus Erythematosus, which effects her immune system. But can you tell by looking at her?

Why We Love Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard is a glamour model from Southport best known for two things: her 34G tits. Blunt, but true. Strangely though, she used to be in the Salvation Army. And from there she moved in to stripping, as you do. Sophie previously studied English at Edge Hill University before she moved away from her North West roots to become a full time model.

In 2009 though, she made a drastic change from getting naked in magazines, when she returned to Edge Hill to study mental health nursing. Good plan Sophie, stay as a student forever. It’s like being on the dole but your parents are well proud of you. Still, we hope it won’t stop her getting naked as often as possible, because she’s just so good at it. And Sophie Howard the model is better than just Sophie Howard the student, don’t you think?

Well Kanye West thought so. The rapper posted her pictures on his blog, about things he likes, for two very good reasons. Namely her appearances in FHM and her lovely hair. You thought we were going to say her massive breasts didn’t you? Well, that probably was the real reason. Sophie Howard has graced Page 3, Nuts, Loaded and of course FHM in her time. She also wrote a relationship advice column in Nuts, which basically allowed her to talk about tits a lot. Plus it allowed her to tell men how their girlfriends should be taking it and how often. See, not just a pretty face.