susanna-reidFull name: Susanna Reid
DOB: December 10, 1970
Place of birth:Croydon, England
Occupation: Journalist and TV presenter

Susanna Reid

She once accidentally wore her dress back to front for the whole three-hour breakfast show, and still looked so good, that none of the viewers notice until she pointed it out.

She’s been voted the nation’s most popular breakfast presenter of all time.

Why We Love Susanna Reid

We love waking up to Susanna in the morning on the BBC breakfast show more than anything and can understand that millions of others do as well. Her commitment to presenting the news requires her to make an unbelievable round trip of 415 miles three times a week, but she says she relishes that Susanna-time. We would too.

She was criticised for wearing revealing clothing and flirting with Hugh Grant during an interview and but those jealous voices couldn’t impress her. FHM named her “middle-age minx of the week” back in 2012 and we stand by that. After all, 50 per cent of viewers can’t be wrong: BBC news has never been this interesting and sexy.