Taylor-SwiftFull name: Taylor Alison Swift
DOB: 13 December 1989
Place of birth: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Taylor Swift Facts

In January 2009, Taylor became the first country artist to top the two million mark in paid downloads. Not bad for a girl who grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

She’s been in one episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and a Jonas Brothers DVD. She also dated Joe Jonas.

She made her movie debut in Valentine’s Day.

When Taylor gets bored, she likes to conduct random baking experiments in her kitchen. Rock. And. Roll.

Why We Love Taylor Swift

Like root beer and corn dogs before her, Taylor Swift is a household name in the United States but is yet to make huge waves in the UK. Maybe, like root beer and corn dogs, she never will. But what’s more than likely is that she will make it. Because maybe the four million records she’s sold across the pond are an indication that she’s pretty bloody good. Then again, maybe none of this matters. After all, her country twangs may have gone largely unnoticed over here, but her clear-skinned and youthful appearance has turned many a head already. Maxim, CosmoGirl and Teen Vogue have all taken notice and whacked her on the cover, and we have no reason to think she won’t be on English teenagers’ walls sometime soon.

Taylor Swift was in Valentine’s Day, which was a kind of gross film, but pretty high profile, and she is just unbelievably famous. Everyone loves her – when Kanye got all up in her face during the VMAs, everyone was all, ‘Dude, stop being a dick. It’s Taylor, yeah? She’s good people.’ Taylor’s recipe of wholesomeness, hotness and ability to send a country ballad into the stratosphere is likely to keep her in expensive conditioner for some time, even if she doesn’t manage to turn Great Britain on to the charms of country music.