Vanessa-HudgensFull name: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
DOB: December 14, 1988
Place of birth: Sailinas, California, USA
Occupation: Actress and singer

Vanessa Hudgens Facts

Vanessa rose to insta-fame playing perky, sing-songy Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical movie series.

Nudey photos of Vanessa have leaked onto the internet not once, but twice, in 2007 and 2009. Oops. And oops again.

When Vanessa was dating Zac Efron, they were christened “Zanessa” by the US media, because of course they were.

Why We Love Vanessa Hudgens

Boasting a perfect and probably unrepeatedable mixture of Native American, Filipino, Spanish and Chinese genes (seriously, how often does that happen?) Vanessa Hudgens is one of the hottest cuties/cutest hotties to have emerged over the last decade. If you look up the phrase “Girl next door” in the dictionary, you’ll find that it’s not actually in there, but if it was, there’d just be a picture of Vanessa Hudgens underneath.

As fit as Vanessa is, however, it’s so far been a little tricky to follow her career, given that much of her work has been aimed squarely at tweenage girls, off their heads on sparkly bracelets and Haribo. We made it about halfway through High School Musical before we got a toothache. Thankfully, Vanessa is currently giving her squeaky(ish)-clean image an all-grown-up makeover with sexier, grittier roles in movies such as Sucker Punch, Machete Kills and the controversial Spring Breakers – which co-stars fellow Disney-girl-gone-saucy, Selena Gomez.