This month sees the world go bananas for a load of blokes with very sore bottoms. Sound like a proper velophile by learning these techy cycling terms just in time for the Tour de France…



That tightly packed group of riders at the front, cycling within a kitten’s whisker of one another to save energy – and not just ’cos they like the smell of sweaty Lycra.   


A line of team mates who take turns to set a fast pace at the front of the peloton so the main man can enjoy an insane burst of energy.

Hors Categorie 

Mountain climbs that are literally off the scale.  Hills on the Tour are rated from one to four, with four being un-technically known as ‘a right bastard of a hill’.


When riders pop themselves a diagonal line across the road to shelter from pesky crosswinds and avoid grazing their knees.

Image: Rex Features