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How can I get in touch with
If you want to contact the FHM team, please send an email to

If you need to contact or have any questions/problems about this website, you can send an email to during UK working hours and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I want to sign up to your High Street Honeys section – how do I do it?
It’s simple. Simply become an FHM Member by clicking on “sign up” in the top-right corner of the site. Then click on the option to become a High Street Honey.

This will give you your own Honeys page, which you can access from your profile. Log-in, and click on the panel on the top-right of the site. On your Honeys page, you can upload photos, leave messages for your fans and make friends with other Honeys.

Why are my High Street Honeys pictures not appearing?
No pictures appear automatically on the site, they have to be approved by the FHM team. This will normally take no longer than 24 hours during working hours, but could take longer.

If you have a question about your images not appearing, please email

I am having trouble signing in – can you help?
We can – please email during UK working hours with your log-in and password and we will take a look. Please give us some time to get back to you though.

I want to change my details. How do I do it?
Make sure you are logged in, then click on the panel in the top-right of the site. Go to your profile, and you can edit your details from here.

I’ve seen your newsletters and they look great. How do I get them?
Only registered members of can get the email – you need to sign up by clicking “sign-in” in the top-right of the site. Then go the “my profile” and then the “settings” area, and put a tick by whatever emails you wish to receive. Hey presto! Award-winning missives will appear in your Inbox.

Your life sounds cool! Any jobs going at FHM?
We always have someone in the office on a short work experience shift (usually two weeks). If you'd like the pleasure of making endless teas, being the fall person in features and trotting out into Covent Garden to buy embarrassing tat, all while getting a flavour of professional magazine and website journalism, then send an email to Go Think Big - the only place to get work experience, internships and entry-level jobs at FHM - and upload your CV. There is a long waiting list for work experience places, so be patient.

If you are a published writer, or would like to be, we do accept feature submissions, but bear in mind it is extremely unlikely that any unsolicited material will ever appear in the magazine. We'd also recommend that you look through the magazine, identify the kind of material we publish and tailor any ideas around our current work.

Don't submit finished articles - a brief two line description and bullet points is more than enough. Send ideas to

I’ve got a suggestion for a coverstar!
We're always interested in hearing about beautiful women. Let us know if you want to see someone on the cover by email to

Can I buy a subscription to the magazine please?
Why of course! Head to - most months we throw in some wondrous free gifts, so go have a look what's on offer at the moment.

You told me I’d won a competition, but I haven’t had my prize yet. Is it time to take a shotgun to the postman?
If your prize hasn't arrived, please email us at

Hi, my name is Chuck Finkelburger III and I live in a trailer in Iowa. Why are you spelling color wrong, dude? is run in Britain, where both the magazine, the website and the language in which they are produced were formed. We will spell 'color' the correct, British way. Ta. 

I’m a sharp-dressing, smooth-talking ad salesman and I want to buy some ad space on Shall we do lunch?
There are plenty of opportunities to advertise on Europe's best website for men. Please contact

Hi there, I’m a PR executive with a fantastic new product to promote on your smashing website. Who do I contact?
If you have anything good that you'd like us to review or feature, drop us an email to One email is usually enough, and we do read everything, honestly, so if you don't get a reply it probably means we're not interested or we've already seen it.

I’ve spotted a mistake on Do you give out tenners like the magazine do?
No, or we’d go bust within hours. But let us know at

You had a really good link once but I can’t find it now. Where is it?
You can search using the box near the top right of every pag. However, bear in mind the interweb is a shifting, shifty and shiftless place, and things often go missing. Particularly things like videos of a man eating his own testicles.

You bastards, I’ve been sacked for mucking about on while at work. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.
Sorry, but you enter these doors at your own risk. Let us know about it at though, because we're going to set up a P45 watch to name and shame all those employers who deny workers the inalienable right to waste time in a boring job.

I’m a subscriber to FHM magazine and I haven’t received my copy this month. Where is it?
Call our subscriptions department on 01858 438866 and let them know.

I’ve been collecting FHM for seven years now and some light-fingered git has just stolen my precious Gillian Anderson copy. Do you sell back issues?
You can try your luck by phoning 01858 438866 and asking our back issues department, but unfortunately a lot of older issues are now completely sold out. Give them a ring though - you never know.

One of your articles on God / sex / women / men / monkeys / plastic mouldings has deeply offended me. I want to complain in the strongest possible terms. To whom shall I address my letter?
If you have seen or read something in FHM or on that you consider beyond the bounds of good taste and decency, then send the information to and we will endeavour to deal with your complaint promptly.

Alright boys, I’m in the army and want some free stuff to line the walls of my baking hot tent in the desert. Got anything for us squaddies?
We can always spare some mags and posters... Send an email to and they’ll sort you out.

I’m doing media studies at university and want you to do my homework for me. Can you send me information on FHM, circulation figures and the like?
Send an email to and someone may get back to you, you workshy fop.

I’m a headhunter and wondered if you were looking to employ a reaaaaaaally talented web designer?
No. But if you've got some well-paid jobs to offer, then we're all ears...

I met this bloke in a club in Gateshead and he told me he worked for FHM. He had a business card and everything. When will the photoshoot he promised appear?
You’ve been had. If you feel worried, please visit our Model Safety page for advice.

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