viking-turkey-legs-dj-bbqDJ BBQ SAYS…

“Merry Christmas, y’all! Tis the season to chow down ‘til you’re dead, and I’m not talking your dry meat, soggy roast potatoes and farty sprouts. No way man, we’ve going super old skool and channelled some Viking rad this 25 December. If there’s one way to undo all the douchiness of wearing a Christmas sweater, it’s tearing succulent flesh from these turkey legs with your chompers.

“Firstly, we’re cooking with the best free-range turkeys on the planet all the way from my bro Paul Kelly. He breeds them so damn good that they’re more like dinosaur legs, dude!

“Secondly, this is simply the best part of our beautiful feathered beasts. Brown meat beats white, man. White goes dry, and brown has more flavour and richness.

“What’s more, I recently had a revelation. When you zest a tangerine and dry it out, you get an insane taste but also a smell like a box of Fruit Loops cereal. That, with the right rub ingredients and a slathering of maple syrup near the end of the cook, makes the perfect Xmas barbecue sauce, and son, that’s the greatest Christmas present of all. Praise be to the baby Jesus!”


viking-turkey-legs-dj-bbq-ingredientsPreparation time

2.5 hours




Tbsp of garlic granules

Tbsp onion granules

Tsp chilli powder

Tsp cinnamon

Tsp sea salt

Tsp cracked black pepper

Turkey legs Maple syrup


viking-turkey-legs-dj-bbq-spice“This may be the simplest and coolest recipe we’ve ever done,” says DJ BBQ. On Christmas Eve, zest a handful of tangerines and leave to dry out overnight. “You want to be able to crumble it up into the rub,” he advises. Feel free to speed things up with a super low heat in the oven, but be careful not to burn it and ruin Christmas.


viking-turkey-legs-dj-bbq-rubOnce dried, make your rub by mixing all the dried ingredients together. Then sprinkle over your legs and pat down. Stick them in the oven at 180°C and cook for around 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the size.


viking-turkey-legs-dj-bbq-syrup“Here’s where the magic happens,” says DJ BBQ. Twenty minutes from the end of your cook time, slather over some maple syrup and return to the oven. Any earlier, and you risk burning the sugar. “It’s one of the world’s best sweeteners, and with the rub, bang! Christmas just got gnarly.”