Heard of the movie Premium Rush?

It starts Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a badass bike messenger who zooms around New York on a mean fixie, getting in trouble with law and all sorts. It's out on Blu-ray and DVD February 25 and, to celebrate, Mango bikes and FHM have an awesome competition for you.

The lucky winner of this competition wins a £269 Mango bike voucher...

Mango bike

Mango Bikes make bespoke bicycles. You can custom-build your bike and choose from hundreds of colour and component variations.Their bikes are bright and high quality with customisable chassis that can reflect your personality. A typical model weighs in at just 10kg and it's built to hold its speed, so it makes for a smooth, easy ride. We think they look ace!

But that's not all. You also win a Sony Action Cam...

Sony Action Cam

The Action Cam captures every epic moment perfectly clearly - from hurtling down a mountain to diving 60m deep down. It has SteadyShot, which means there's no shaky footage, just smooth full HD detail. You can instantly share videos to your phone with built-in Wi-Fi. Not bad eh?

But wait, there's more! We're also throwing in a HX10V Digital Compact Camera. That's three prizes for one very jammy winner.

Digital camera

We've also got 10 runners-up prizes in the form of Premium Rush Blu-rays.

Interested? Then read on!

For your chance to design your very own fixie, tweet @FHM ‘I want to win a Mango bike with Premium Rush #FHMFixieMeUp’ by March 13.

Premium Rush
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