Obama and 7 other people taking incredibly badly timed selfies…

Posted by , 11 December 2013

Obama and 7 other people taking incredibly badly timed selfies…


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    The 'You really need to pay attention' selfie...

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    The ‘Thanks Gran’ selfie

Yesterday, Obama did something that we quite literally never thought we'd ever see. He, alongside our very own Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, whipped out an iPhone and snapped a group selfie. At Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

And, understandably, Michelle Obama looks bloody furious and embarrassed about it.

This is quite possibly the worst place a group of world leaders could have ever decided to take a picture of themselves being all happy and having a laugh and we have no idea what possessed them to do it.

It has however, set the internet on fire so, in reflection, here are 7 other people that really couldn't have timed their selfies any worse.


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