Words: Tom Ryder

5. iPhone 5 prankery

US chatshow Kimmy Kimmel Live stops iPhone users in the street and asks them to test out a brand-new iPhone 5. They all agree it's way better than the iPhone 4s – only thing is, what they're testing actually is an iPhone 4s. 

4. Wahey! No, wait... Arrrgh!

Heeeyyy. That's not cool, mister. 

3. And lo, The Hobbit doth beginneth

It's the first proper trailer for part one of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy, hitting cinemas this December. Looks good, but... is there really enough story there for three movies, Pete?

2. First pic of the new Batcop Robobat Robocop

More geek-titilating movie coolness: the first leaked on-set shots from the Robocop remake, due summer 2013. (Via comingsoon.net

1. "This concert is muhfuckin' over, ladies"

Internet us 'til we fart!

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