Does the constant misuse of the word ‘football’ by our American brothers make you regularly clench your teeth like a rabid pit bull?

Have you banned the word 'soccer' in your household and do you annually stare in complete confusion at your TV screen when it’s announced that ‘it’s time for the Superbowl!’

Or like fictional Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Ted Lasson, in the video above, do you think that the beautiful game could actually benefit from taking a little guidance from our pals across the pond?

The NBC Sports skit starring SNL's Jason Sudeikis is a fricking awesome parody of everything everyone hates about America's often confused outlook on the greatest sport in the history of the world. But, despite it's tongue being very firmly in it's cheek, it does still raise a few questions.

Sure, after three months of a footie-drought (no, the Confederations Cu doesn't count), we're frothing at the mouth as much as the next man, at the mere thought of a new footie season. But, as much as we love it and constantly praise it as the best thing since someone invented oxygen, we do admit there could be room for improvement.

Sacrilage, we know, but could football be better if we got rid of things like ‘draws’ and introduced harder tackles? Would the game be all together more progressive if our players weren’t allowed to go backwards during play and would more people understand the offside trap?

Or would it simply just be miles better if we introduced more cheerleaders at half time?

We want to know in the comments below, how would you make the beautiful game even prettier?

To see what the FHM team reckon, check out our Football Manifesto in the new issue, in shops now and available on your iPad, right bloody now.

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