From Charlie Webster looking amazing to unusually friendly music systems, here are ten things that should make you a little bit happy.


10 This person from Rotherham selling a Snowman  on ebay. Bid here…


snowman on ebay

09 This glowing restaurant review that our Features Editor saw over the weekend.

08 Jackie Chan doing balloon modelling.


 07 The knowledge that Ryan Gosling wasn’t always cool. (via Reddit user Jeddycakes)

 06 These speakers that are smiling at you. (via Reddit user DrumandBass)

05 Arnie trying to smile.

arnie smile

04 Jennifer Lawrence making a proper entrance at a screening for the new Hunger Games.

jennifer lawrence

03 Our list of hot girls on Instagram that you should be following, available here.

instagram ellis cooper
02 The fact that it’s a four day week. And so is next week.

01 Knowing that Charlie Webster is still on the cover of FHM and is also still AMAZING.


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