OK, maybe we lied. Maybe these things aren't better than a four-day week. And we missed out a three-day week. But these things are definitely, definitely better than a five-day week, and that's enough for us.

01 This majestic stingray.

Majestic stingray gif


02 Swapping Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise' faces.

03 Vladimir Putin making balloon animals.

Puting making balloon animals

04 This incredible Playboy Tumblr.

Playboy tumblr

05 This issue, still available in the shops and on your iPad.

100 sexiest cover

06 This new Melanie Iglesias video.

07 Bowling with your cat.

Laser cat bowling


08 Putting googly eyes on everything, like this happy burrito.

Googly eye burrito

09 This Instagram account (@MeInMyPlace).

10 This rather rad older gentleman.

Old skater dude GIF

11 DJ BBQ's Carolina Pulled Pork recipe.

DJ BBQ's pulled pork

 12 These insane bike tricks.

13 This gallery of FHM Girlfriend Summer.

Summer gallery

14 This cute girl blowing kisses.

Cute girl blowing a kiss


15 This GIF. Always this GIF.

Carlton gif


For more things to help you procrastinate like a champ, have a look at last week's.