Put yourself in a good mood for the week with these 15 things that will instantly make your day feel better: 


15 Putin giving the thumbs up to this topless protestor



14 This captivating cat


13 This magic bar bet you can learn here


12 Boris Johnson winning basketball


11 How good basketball is in general…


10 This cat photobombing another cat 

(via Reddit user: polop)


09 The scientists that made this cannon for a joke…



08 The awkward moment when this llama noticed he was being watched


07 The totally awesome moment when this guy noticed he was being watched


06 How words can sometimes mean different things…

(via worldcam on Reddit)


05 When you take a picture and the timing is just perfect

(via Bacon wallet on Reddit)


04 This trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


03 Lacey Banghard and this banana, in this sexy gallery


02 This DVD that isn't Pirates of the Carribean


01 These utterly mesmerising sexy gifs, right here

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