Like the dedicated team that we are, the FHM staffers are back with the best things that we've seen on the Internet this week that made us stop dead in our tracks and unleash a proper ROFLcopter.

Now bunk off work for the next 10 minutes and enjoy...

01 This voicemail message made better with whales.

02 Vanessa Hudgens demonstrating how fun ironing can be.

Vanessa Hudgens ironing


03 Leo DiCaprio chucking shapes in The Wolf of Wall Street trailer.

Wolf of Wall Street


04 Finding God at the bar.

God at the bar


05 Our gallery of Shameless USA's Stephanie Fantauzzi.

Stephanie Fantauzzi

06 Kristen Bell as a burlesque dancer.

Kristen Bell


07 This cat that isn't lost.

Lost cat in window


08 How good a leg scratch feels.

Leg scratch GIF


09 The cast of Game of Thrones and their cat doppelgängers.

Game of Thrones cats


10 Our gallery of the ultimate girls next door.

Elisha Cuthbert

11 Superhero season at the cinema.

Sexy superhero


12 This wooden man opening a bottle of wine.


13 This Graduation Book fail.



14 This rock and (bread) roll establishment.

Bread zeppelin


15 Our interview with Kaley Cuoco in this month's FHM.

Kaley Cuoco spread

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