It can be hard keeping up with the latest from the World Wide Web. To make sure you're not missing out on the funniest, sexiest and most brilliant bits of Internet, check out this week's 15 things.

01 This cat that thinks it's a dog.

The cat who thinks it's a dog


02 Our new Michelle Keegan gallery.

Michelle Keegan gallery header

03 Taylor Swift being grossed out by Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Taylor Swift gross out GIF


04 This Vietnamese restaurant.

Pho Shizzle


05 This deliciously punny headline in the LA Times.

Jam headline

06 This ingenius solution to your pasta-based woes.

Spaghetti GIF


07 This badass piece of needlework.

Taken Cross Stitch

08 BBC Good Food introducing more complex recipes like this.

Marmite on tpoast

09 Colonel Sanders freaking out these Cambridgeshire villagers.

Colonel Sanders

10 Bryan Singer tweeting this picture of Jennifer Lawrence on set of the next X-Men movie.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

11 This picture of Al Capone's former cell in an abandoned prison.

Al capone's cell


12 This website that actually sells these things.

This is why I'm broke

13 This video of Chelsea's newest signing.

14 This subscription offer.

Dead Island

15 The fact that Kelly Brook is the most successful 100 Sexiest entrant of all time and is on the cover of this month's FHM.

Kelly Brook

Stay classy.