The Internet is an amazing place, and while you were out living it up like a big ol' crazy this weekend, we were on it. We've been patiently trawling through cat videos, pictures of beautiful women and Anchorman gifs, to give you this here list of 15 slap-your-thigh-fantastic internetty treasures.

Here's our round-up of the best things on the internet that will make you happy today:

15 Misa Campo doing a dance

(via Reddit user mr_belwas)

14 This egg

13 This man’s T-Shirt

12 Rosie Jones doing a magic trick.

11 The April Fools Day Netflix categories

10 The fact that things can run this smoothly


09 This April Fools news story that was actually real


08 This takeaway food genius

07 YouTube pretending that it was all just a competition for April Fools


06 These girls, in these jumpers, in this gallery.

05 This bag snatcher being caught out by a door


04 How amazing gravity is...

(via Reddit user major_frank_burns)

03 The knowledge that Ping Pong can be sexy.

(Via Reddit user justaride91)

02 Knowing that there's only one month until we reveal our 100 Sexiest Women.


 01 It’s STILL a four day week.


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