As we prepare to bid farewell to this year's 100 Sexiest issue, we perk ourselves up with this week's greatest things to make us laugh, smile and feel all tingly.

01 This cat that cares not for your sexy pole dancing.

Funny poledancing GIF


02 The selfie to rule all selfies. 

Snow selfievia

03 10 GIF reasons why we love Kelly Brook.

Piranha 3d gif

04 This awesome album of old photos.

Old statue of liberty

05 The phenomenon that is "Cat Bearding."

Cat bearding

06 This awesome collection of movie (sort of) stills.

Sin City living still

07 SPOILER ALERT : The best reactions to the newsfeed invasion that is Game of Thrones S03E09.

08 This dog eating a lime.

Dog eating a lime GIF

09 The FHM x Jägermeister road trip.

FHM x Jagermeister road trip

10 The insane teaser trailer for Gravity, out October 18.

11 When girls lean on things.

Me in my place - girl 

12 Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone struggling with the physics of basketball.

Rodman GIF


13 This guy's Dad.

14 This skateboarding battle.

15 The fact that the new issue of FHM will be in stores on Thursday June 6.

Anchorman GIF 


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