Fifteen bloody cracking things we've found on the internet this last week and spent twenty minutes staring at instead of doing work....


15 The Mars Rover 'accidentally' drew a penis...



14 These people pretending they're really drug dealers


13 This girl doing a cartwheel with no hands


12 This glow-in-the-dark Fight Club poster


11 Robert Downey Jr rocking sunglasses


10 These kids inventing Mattress Jousting

09 This child owning the coastguard during a saferty demo

08 Epic clingfilm attack



07 This brazen graffiti



06 This lady getting distracted



05 The most hypnotic businessmen we've ever seen


04 This man that married a horse lady?



03 This horse that needs a deputy



02 Melanie Iglesias being all sporty and sexy

melanie iglesias gif


01 FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2013 is announced on May 1st