15 of the best things you'll see on the internet today to make your day, week and life just that little bit better. Enjoy, you've bloody earned it!


15 Louise Thompson proving that posh girls are best in our latest issue




14 This dog that dances like he’s in an rap video



13 That this statue doesn’t give a shit

swearing statue


12 You can get your mitts on Dead Island: Riptide when you subscribe to our lovely mag. Best. Deal. Ever.


11 It’s now bikini season, sort of…


10 But still very windy...

emma stone


09 The even though everyone fancies him, Ryan Gosling still can’t eat his cereal


08 This dad and his awesome parenting

dad text


07 Maria Sharapova inventing Tolf (Tennis-Golf)

maria sharapova tennis golf


06 Festival season is nearly upon us, which means stuff like this...



05 This pizza compass app that helps put pizza into your mouth



04 This drinking advice

beer label advice


03 The guy that invited a girl back to his place and left this in his bathroom cabinet


02 That no matter what we do, we’ll never be as embarrassing as Silvio Burlusconi



01 Kelly Brook is still a bloody national treasure and is on the cover of this month's mag