Twenty awkward things that girls say that scare the living bejesus out of us:


01 "My Dad would love to meet you"

liam neeson taken

02 "Which one do you prefer?"


03 "Keep going"

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04 "I just want to pop into Primark"

05 "I was talking to a guy at the gym earlier"


06 "We need to talk"

07 "Is that normal?"

08 "I've got girl problems"

09 "What was your Ex like?"


10 "Fine"

11 "It happens to everyone"

12 "When’s my birthday?"

13 "Does my bum look big in this?"

baby got back gif


14 "I spoke to your Mum today"

mum and girlfriend photo album

15 "Do you want to watch a DVD?"

rambo notebook


16 "I’m thinking of going travelling"

17 "Is it in yet?"

18 "You should cook for a change"

19 "My ex-boyfriend…"

20 "I won’t tell anyone"

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