01 Greggs = Bigger than McDonald’s.

Fact: Gregg joints outnumber McDonald's in the UK by 200, with 1,500 outlets, selling a staggering 2.5million sausage rolls a week. Take that you freaky, burger-munching clown.

02 We invented the Internet.

And thus we were also the purveyors of procrastination, cat memes, Nicolas Cage’s face on things, Facebook and Twitter. Not to mention Instagram and these girls.

03 We have Lucy Watson.

04 We are brilliant at naming places.

05 We can spell COLOUR properly.

06 The world laughs at us.


07 Prince Harry is royalty and a complete dude.


08 We’re the best at wankers.

09 We won two very important wars.

10 Darth Vader was a lanky bloke from Bristol.

11 British politics is corruption-free. Sort of. It’s not as bad as Italian politics anyway.

12 We invented downhill skiing and we don’t even have many mountains or snow.


13 Our food is finger-lickin’ good.

14 The Premier League is the most watched football league on the planet.


15 You’re never more than 500 metres away from a corner shop.

16 Shakespeare is ours.

17 This man.

And by that, we mean James Bond.

18 This woman, virtual though she may be.


19 Our actors are better at American accents than Americans

20 We invented lasagna a few hundred years before the Italians.


21 We invented tuning forks e.g. Music that's in tune...

22 We’re optimistic.