01 The Ultimate BLT

THE MAYO: Tim Hayward, editor of food magazine Fire & Knives, says, “Use Hellmann’s, nothing else will do. No, I’m not paid by Hellmann’s, but it’s like Heinz ketchup: there’s only one.”

THE TOMATOES: “Never keep tomatoes in the fridge. They go fluffy and awful. But if you’re making a BLT, it’s all about the coldness of the vegetables, contrasting with the heat of the bacon. So put one tomato in the fridge the night before.”

THE LETTUCE: “Always use iceberg. It’s a textural thing rather than a flavour thing, and it’s important that it’s icy cold.”

THE BACON: “It should be smoked, but if you’ve got unsmoked we can still be friends. Not too thick, but not the crispy ‘Frazzles effect’ either. It needs to be very hot. Streaky’s best. Fry the inside of the bread in the bacon fat.”

THE BREAD: “It needs to be a white bloomer. The BLT is not a sandwich that should use posh bread. God forbid you should use ciabatta. Toast it lightly, then allow it to dry in a toast rack to get crisp. That’s very important.”

THE ASSEMBLY: “It has to be quick. Bread comes out the frying pan, squish mayo on one side, squash the two pieces of bread together to spread the mayo. Separate again, then bacon on, tomato on top of that, then lettuce, cut it in half.”


 02 The New Luther

The New Luther
You’ll need: Fried chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, bagel, tomato ketchup.

FHM tip: At ChurchKey, the Washington DC restaurant that invented The New Luther, this heart-stopping (literally) monster of a sarnie doesn’t appear on the menu – you must request it, and you can only do so on Sundays. Probably for the best.


03 Grilled Cheese 'N' Onion Rings

Grilled cheese and onion rings

You’ll need: Cheese slices, butter, onion rings, white bread.

FHM tip: Place a slice of bread, buttered-side down, in a pan; add the cheese and onion rings; add another slice of bread. Grill both sides of the sandwich.

Try swapping… cheese for macaroni cheese.


 04 Eggs Benedict and Guacamole

Eggs benedict and guacamole

You’ll need: Egg, guacamole, tomato, hollandaise sauce, English muffin.

FHM tip: You might wanna get hold of some egg-frying rings, to get those beauties perfectly circular, inna McMuffin-stylee. Two for four quid on Amazon, guv’nor. 


 05 Lasagne and Egg

Lasagne sandwich

You’ll need: A fried egg, readymade/leftover lasagne, one large doughy bap.

FHM tip: Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Best eaten five-times over the drink-drive limit, spilling most of it all down your staggering legs.

Try swapping… the lasagne for meatballs in tomato sauce.

Words by Ben Arnold

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