Knowledge is power and, if you stick with us, you'll be superhuman! Well, maybe not superhuman, but you'll definitely be able to impress your mates down the pub. See what educational nuggets we're chucking at you in our latest issue...

01 Broccoli, brie and gravy make an amazing combination
 FHM Christmas Pizza
02 Harry Hill could save your hamster
Harry Hill
03 Everything is better with horses
On a horse
04 Floral shirts look really nice in a fridge
Shirt in a fridge
05 Whoever said onesies look stupid is a flamin' idiot
Xmas onesie
Not making any sense? To find out what the heck we're banging on about, and to expand your brain capacity by an estimated 236%, get your icy mitts on the latest issue - out now! - complete with FREE 2013 calendar.