Staying in will seem very tempting this weekend. Your primal instincts will tell you it's safest to take on the form of a big, hibernating bear and lie in bed with the manliest of hot chocolates and the most brilliant of box sets.

We at FHM don't let a little bit of snow stop us from getting out there and making shit happen! As luck would have it, our latest issue is full of useful tips to make the most of your snowy Saturday and Sunday...

01 Discover the 5 best things about being a pro snowboarder

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02 Learn driving tips from an Ice Road Trucker

ice road trucker promo

03 Find out which sled is best

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04 Plan a ski trip that suits your budget

skiing promo photo

05 Throw a snowball like a human canon

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Don't let your weekend be a wash-out. Your first step is to go down the shops and get the latest copy of FHM. Come Monday, be sure to send any great stories and pics to and you could win a great prize too!

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