You might call the monthly creation of the World's Greatest Mag a "funducational" experience. You might. But you'd sound like a bellend. Here's 6 amazing facts from the latest issue that'll get you that much closer to sitting on the QI panel.

01 Lorenza Izzo's favourite horror movie is The Exorcist.

Lorenza Izzo for FHM

02 There are 200 different kinds of synthetic drugs currently being sold in the UK, according to the government. 

Legal highs

03 Idris Elba was paid to chop a woman into pieces and store her parts in a freezer.

Idris Elba as Luther

04 Turbo tacos with grilled oysters are incredible. 

Oyster tacos

05 Jennifer Metcalfe reckons she could beat a tiger in a fight.

Jennifer Metcalfe in August FHM

06 Cal Crutchlow's bike is worth £8million. And we were told not to touch it.

Cal Crutchlow's bike worth £8million

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Hollyoaks cover for FHM August 2013