5. Beer Chase

A nod of the head and a doff of the cap to the makers of this new Aussie beer ad.

4. Skateboardcar

People are crazy, aren't they? Like, properly batshit crazy.

3. Eclair Dog

What could be more delicious than a sweaty frankfurter surrounded by a day-old eclair bun and processed whipped cream? That's right: everything fucking else, fucking ever.

2. Gratuitous boob gif the week

How many times in a row will you watch it? Our current record is 43.

1. Jump Man

There's a real craze at the moment for so-called 'pic-a-day' videos, in which people splice together several years-worth of daily photos of themselves. This effort from changeably-hairstyled Connecticut dude Mike L, however, definitely raises the bar a few notches...

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