Football’s a beautiful thing full of beautiful moments. You get glorious goals, body-on-the-line challenges, intricate passing, managers dancing, choreographed celebrations, 10-metre slide tackles, and much, much more.

None of these constitute the best moment, though. Because the best moment is always when someone gets hit on the head by a stray football.

YouTube fans were delighted, but would have been happier still had the ball hit pantomime villain Robbie Savage:

darkastonvillafan, being the first to comment on the video, had good reason to be miffed that electrifyingraphics got 46 likes for merely repeating his sentiment one hour later. Should have used an exclamation mark, darkastonvillafan. Give the people the punctuation they want.

Gus1234Gus1234, so misogynistic they named him twice, put his sexist, woman-hating two cents in:

Fortunately, before things could get a bit too Keys and Gray, tomo44139 lightened the mood with a cheery little pun:

horse69outside, which sounds like some kind of equine sex threat, decided that if putting two letters before 'Owned' gets you 70 likes, he was going to have a slice of that:

Look at that, everyone! I've made a joke out of the fact that it was Michael Brown that kicked the ball that hit Martin Keown. Yep, hit me with the likes, let 'em roll in. No? No one?

Ms. Bethany Claire - she sounds nice, right? Sort of lady you'd happily take home to meet your folks. Yeah, bet she'd buy them a nice tin of biscuits and everything. Let's see what charming opinion she had to offer about this amusing situation:

Oh, right. Maybe we'll leave visiting the folks until next week, eh Beth?

NICOGB94 had a nasty case of premature iPadulation, but at least he was big enough to own up to it:

FazzaMERKSit didn't really get into the spirit of things, like one of those kids who runs to the teacher when you're all playing British Bulldog:

We're pretty sure Martin Keown could watch Bambi and Marley & Me back-to-back, while listening to Candle In The Wind and drinking extra sad whisky, and still not suffer a case of the weepies.

Well done, YouTube. Well done.

The comedy didn’t end there, though, with Twitter's @HayderMansoor spotting some of the best ball boy placement you’re likely to see all season:

Arsenal ball boy