Sir Alex Ferguson, normally second only to Arsene Wenger in the ‘I didn’t see it’ stakes, recently went some way to admitting that Ashley Young has become a bit Tom Daley of late.

Speaking after Ashley Young had won a penalty against former club Aston Villa, Fergie admitted his winger had “played for” a penalty, “overdid” his tumble to the floor and made it look “dramatic”.

As a United player, having Fergie fail to back you is a bit like being a right-wing activist and having Nick Griffin tell you to “calm down a bit”.

Young has been booked for diving in the past, both at international and club level. He’s certainly not the only one at it, with many experts saying there’s more diving in the game now than ever before, but pointing the finger at Jurgen Klinsmann will never be a decent defence for anything.

One thing’s for certain: the Taiwanese news - with their informative cartoons and unrivalled understanding of Wayne Rooney's psyche - is the best news on offer. Jon Snow, colourful socks just aren’t cutting it anymore; you need to buck your ideas up.