Barclays boss Bob Diamond waved goodbye to his job this week in the midst of the rate-rigging scandal engulfing the banking world.

So who do the Daily Telegraph put on their front page today? His quite fit daughter, Nell.

Passerby had an impressive stride length

Between posting some pretty weird Twitter pics (examples above and below), the 23-year-old student rushed to her dad’s defence on the social networking site calling him a “hero”, and allegedly suggesting in a since-deleted tweet that politicians should “hold her dick.”

Posh pilates: lame

Nell Diamond does not have a dick, as far as we know.

Naturally, the British media have rushed to publish pictures of Nell in tight dresses at various swanky parties.

We like this. As the economy continues to crash and burn, we could show you some graphs which demonstrate just how truly terrible things are. Or we could show you an averagely fit posh girl, with a slightly dodgy dad.

Posh girl it is.

Strapless Purple Bra made a run for it