We all know the feeling, the weekend's over, you're hungover and it's five long days until the fun starts again but don’t let the start of the week grind you down.

Here's why you should be happy today:

If you’re Welsh

Congratulations, you beat those cocky English lads at their own game and sent them back across the Severn Bridge with heavy hearts and red faces. Not only did you beat them, you beat them 30 – 3. You might as well have just stormed their dressing rooms after the match and rubbed salt in their grassy wounds. If that’s not a reason to be happy this week, we don’t know what is.

If you’re Irish
Sunday was St Patrick’s Day, the annual time where everyone celebrates how great Ireland really is and we join in unison to raise a pint of the black stuff. There’s no other national day in the UK that can quite live up to the patriotism of Paddy’s Day, and for that you should be proud. Sure, you’re probably nursing the mother of all hangovers today but what a party! Plus, we’re not sure if you heard about it, but the Welsh royally stuffed the English at rugby over the weekend too. Icing on the cake.

If you’re Scottish

Snow is on its way; admittedly this may initially fill you with dread but look at the opportunities. Think early finishes at work, sledging, snow days and that warm cosy feeling that you can only get from wrapping up in a massive jumper. You’re Scottish remember, you guys can handle the weather and handle it with pride, not like the English with their road closures and social breakdowns at the mere whiff of a snowflake. But, if that doesn’t get you marginally excited there’s always the fact that Wales BEAT England at Rugby. Beat them good.

If you’re English
Erm… well at least it’s not raining (at this exact moment in time) and you probably saved a decent bit of money this weekend by not celebrating absolutely everything. Maybe.

And if all that doesn’t perk you up you could always go out and grab a copy of the latest FHM and feast your eyes on Sky Sports’ Charlie Webster.